You can’t keep your shirt on...

Butlers in the Buff are searching for Blackpool's most gorgeous men
Butlers in the Buff are searching for Blackpool's most gorgeous men
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IF YOU hate ironing shirts for work – this could be the job for you.

Butlers in the Buff, a cheeky catering agency whose employees wear just a bow tie and an apron which leaves little to the imagination, are visiting the resort in April in a bid to find new recruits.

But a willingness to forgo a shirt – and trousers – is not the only requirement, as waiters are expected to charm the socks of women of all ages who book them for an event.

Stacey Lynn, a director of the company, says they are targeting Blackpool because it already has a history of hiring the muscular men, including an 80 year-old woman who requested them for her milestone birthday.

She said: “We set up the agency ten years ago when my friends thought of the idea for their party, and it went down a treat.

“Now, its such a popular idea we are searching for more men.

“People in Blackpool are always interested in hiring us, even an 80 year-old requested us, so it was the best place to come for auditions.

“Of course, the men have to be quite good looking, but it’s not all about massive muscles, they need a charming personality and the ability to mix with all ages.”

Butlers in the Buff pride themselves on their waiters, who will host party games, welcome guests and serve drinks, having impeccable manners.

And while the aprons don’t quite reveal everything, there could well be a cheeky glimpse on show.

Miss Lynn added: “It’s not sleazy, it’s great fun, and the pay is very good too.

“Our 200 butlers love their jobs, they are based in their home town and work on local jobs, unless they want to travel.

Current Butler Mike added: “I love the job, I couldn’t think of a better way to earn money.

“At first you’re nervous but you soon forget that your bum is on display and you get on with serving drinks and mingling. The reaction from the guests is always positive – they love the idea, as it’s not sleazy it’s just fun!”

Potential butlers should the Butlers in the Buff recruitment department on (01173) 775693 or fill in an application form at

Auditions are on April 26, at the Premier Inn on Yeadon Way.