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Tarun Mehan and Nisha Mehan and (below) on their wedding day.
Tarun Mehan and Nisha Mehan and (below) on their wedding day.
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Most brides-to-be spend months preparing for their dream wedding day, planning everything from the perfect venue to a dazzling dress.

But for Nisha Mehan, 24 hours was all she needed to organise the big day – having the ideal husband-to-be and the right date was enough for her.

Tarun Mehan and Nisha Mehan on their wedding day.

Tarun Mehan and Nisha Mehan on their wedding day.

Nisha, 33, and new husband Tarun, 36, visited a priest on Sunday to determine the best day to get married.

According to Hindu culture a couple must marry on a day determined by auspicious dates in the religion’s calendar and also by the couple’s zodiac signs.

For Nisha and Tarun this gave them two dates – one in mid October, the other last Tuesday.

Tuesday it was.

“We did our wedding in just one day,” said Nisha, a nurse.

“Our families are visiting from India at the moment so we had the costumes already brought over and having our family at the wedding was most important.”

Tarun added: “We’re very happy.”

At just one day’s notice the happy couple pulled in 60 guests, their families cooked more than enough food and they were kindly offered the use of a friend’s home and garden for the traditional ceremony.

The bride also found time to spend four hours having traditional Henna tattoos intricately inked onto her hands and wrists.

The couple met last November on a dating website and hit it off straight away with Nisha soon moving from her home in Worthing to Blackpool, where Tarun works in a restaurant.

It was Nisha’s nine-year-old daughter, Kashish, who encouraged the relationship.

Nisha said: “She said ‘mummy, come on now I need a daddy, can you get a nice guy?’

“She adores Tarun, she’s accepted him like her own dad.

“She’s over the moon.”

Tarun added: “On our first date, from our first sight, we thought this is just right.

“But I never thought it was all to be so quick.”

Now the couple are busy ringing friends and family from their home, on Eaton Avenue, South Shore, to share the news.

Nisha added: “They’re all shocked everything happened so quick, but it just felt right.”

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