Yobs stole from football club

AFC Blackpool
AFC Blackpool
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AFC Blackpool’s clubhouse was targeted by troublemakers three times in just two weeks.

Brazen vandals broke into the club on Jepson Way on Thursday night, causing around £50 of damage to the back door.

The break-in came just one week after thieves stole ‘more than £1,000’ of booze from the club’s bar on the night of December 16.

On December 15, vandals forced their way into the club and threw furniture and tangerine-coloured paint, causing around £200 of damage.

Billy Singleton, secretary at AFC Blackpool, said: “It’s mainly stock that has been taken, and the doors have been smashed in from the outside.

“We have two referees rooms which have been broken into, so we have had to have new locks and doors on them.

“They have got into the kitchen and taken more than £1,000 worth of drinks.

“It seems whenever the premises are vacated they try to get in.

“The doors are locked and secured when we leave, but they just kick them down.

“We suspect it’s the same offenders each time.

“It’s very dark down there; they must think that it’s an easy target,

“They must realise that if they keep doing this they are going to get caught eventually.

“Hopefully this will reach a good conclusion and they will be caught.”

A police spokesman said: “Between 2.15pm and 6.15pm on December 22 unknown offenders approached the football club, walked around the back and kicked the door in, causing around £50 of damage.

“This is the third time this has happened.

“On December 16 some time before 10am offenders approached the club and forced open the door. They have stolen 12 bottles of Budweiser, 12 bottles of Stella, one botle of Southern Comfort and a bottle of liquor.

“On the night of December 15 damage was caused by offenders throwing furniture and paint, causing £200 of damage,”

If you have any information, contact police on 101 quoting the log number WA1620043.