'Yellow Vest' Brexit protestors block road in Blackpool

A number of Brexit protestors have tried to block a road in Blackpool.

Around eight protesters, believed to be part of the so-called 'yellow vest movement' tried to block Talbot Road this afternoon.

Protestors have tried to block Talbot Road.

Protestors have tried to block Talbot Road.

An eye-witness said one of them was using a loudhailer and was talking about 'Brexit, the IRA, Bloody Sunday and Syria.'

The yellow-vest movement began in Paris last year in retaliation to reforms being organised by the French President Emmanuel Macron.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said they were called at around 2.20pm to protestors blocking Talbot Road.

They added: "A number of the protestors have been standing in the road but have been moved onto the pavement. We are monitoring their actions."