Wyre declares 'climate emergency' but timescale divides parties

Climate change was on the agenda at Wyre's full council meeting
Climate change was on the agenda at Wyre's full council meeting
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Plans to help tackle global climate change have been outlined by Wyre Council. following a meeting of full council.

The leader of the authority, Conservative member Coun David Henderson, says Wyre has joined other authorities in declaring a climate emergency.

Coun Henderson said the council had long recognised the issue of climate change and added: "In March 2019, full council also approved the council’s new business plan which references the importance of climate change and which demonstrates that Wyre is ahead of the curve."

He cited the council's policy of minimising waste, adding two hybrid vehicles to the council’s fleet, an investment of £1 million to purchase bins to replace smaller recycling boxes currently used for glass and plastic - and working with Lancashire Council to install electric car charging points in Wyre.

But Wyre Labour leader, Coun Rob Fail, said it was Labour's motion to commit the council to net zero carbon emissions by 2030 which sparked the latest adoption by Wyre - and he was disappointed this was pushed back to 2050.

He said: "The Conservatives clearly think they can’t be seen to not act, but by delaying the action they won’t be tackling the climate change problem in the timescales the scientific community see as essential."