Wyre businesswomen team up to produce new Christmas children's story

Illustrator Carla Gebhard, author Emily Dyson and publisher Viv Ainslie with their new book.
Illustrator Carla Gebhard, author Emily Dyson and publisher Viv Ainslie with their new book.
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A trio of Fylde coast businesswomen have produced and published the "perfect" story for children at Christmas after befriending each other at a networking event.

"Isn't it time you went to bed?" is the debut children's story from Emily Dyson, a nail technician from Fleetwood- and her dream came true with the help of illustrator Carla Gebhard and publisher Viv Ainslie, both from Cleveleys.

"Isn't it time you went to bed?"

"Isn't it time you went to bed?"

Emily, 39, was inspired by a full moon on the way to see her young niece at Christmas three years ago, and has been working on perfecting her publication ever since.

She met publisher Viv - who owns Purple Parrot Publishing - through the Lancashire Business Owners Network, and after considering numerous illustrators she opted for Carla's watercolour designs- resulting in a finalised children's paperback going on sale on Amazon.

Emily said: "I was on my way to see my niece at Christmas and I saw this huge super-moon, and suddenly I started to piece together a story I thought she would like.

"It was completely accidental, and it took me around six months to write something I was happy with."

After finishing the book daughter Elizabeth, now 20 months old, came along and the book was perfect for her too, Emily said.

Viv, 58, offered to help Emily with the publishing of her book after they met at networking events.

She said: "I used to work for Blackpool council in public health, but after being made redundant I set up Purple Parrot Publishing - and I never thought at my age I'd have the guts to do something like this.

"Emily's book isn't the first I've published, but I wanted to do this for her because the story is just so cute, it's such a lovely rhyming story.

"Kids' books have to make me smile, and that's exactly what 'Isn't it time you went to bed?' did."

Viv also met watercolour artist Carla through the business network, and she was eventually chosen by Emily to illustrate the story.

Carla said: "I was over the moon when Emily asked me to design the illustrations for her story.

"I do all sorts of commissions, marketing work and business logos alongside watercolour classes for children, but I really would like to focus more on children's art.

"I absolutely loved it and it's really given me the passion to pursue more children's designs."

Thanks to the collaboration, the women can now proudly show off their hard work on Amazon, where the book is available to pre-order.