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WHICH former admiral has his own monument in Trafalgar Square?

If you know the answer to this question, congratulations – you would be well on your way to passing the new look British citizenship test.

The exam, which is set to include more questions on British history and culture, has got Blackpool residents talking after being announced by the Government yesterday.

Former soldier Tom Gibson served in Libya and Germany and says learning local knowledge was a vital part of his career.

Mr Gibson, 64, of Lytham Road, South Shore, said: “When I joined the Army I had no idea what it was like abroad but you start learning things off the locals there.

“I’d be more interested in things like whether people gel with each other here than whether they know about history though.”

Jackie Openshaw, 68, of Hornby Road, central Blackpool, said: “People should be able to speak English when they come here but there’s a lot of English people who don’t know about our history.”

Tina Wayland, 57, of Durham Road, central Blackpool, said: “It’s a good idea because you should know about where you’re going.

“The test should be a little bit more about modern day stuff and what they can contribute to the country.”

Joanne McConnell, 24, of Dalton Avenue, South Shore, said: “It should be more about how you live here rather than anything else.”

The 45-minute citizenship test, taken by those from abroad who want to become British, will focus on British culture and history, instead of questions based on day-to-day skills, like catching a train.

The Government said it wants to encourage immigrants to get more involved in British life.

A revised Life in the UK handbook went on sale yesterday to help people prepare for the exam, which will be introduced in March.

The Home Office said questions on topics that those living in the UK should already be aware of like public transport had been removed from the test. One of the new questions will allude to Wiltshire’s most famous ancient monument, Stonehenge. But Mikkala Hesk, 19, of Trunnah Road, Thornton, admitted: “I don’t even know where Wiltshire is.”


In 1801, a new version of the official flag of the United Kingdom was created. What is it often called?

What flower is traditionally worn by people on Remembrance Day?

From what age can you be asked to serve on a jury?

What is the title given to the person who chairs the debates in the House of Commons?

ANSWERS: Union Jack, Poppy, 18, Speaker of the House