"Would’ve been smashing if they’d have let the queuing drivers know earlier" - Your reaction to the M55 Kirkham junction delays

Traffic on the M55 slip road
Traffic on the M55 slip road
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Rush hour commuters heading for the M55 at junction three were diverted back to Blackpool due to roadworks running over schedule on Wednesday morning.

Asphalt had apparently not cooled quickly enough, causing chaos on the roads yesterday morning, with congestion back to Windy Harbour and Wesham.

Motorists faced being diverted back to junction four for Marton Circle to join the motorway there, sparking fury amongst some.

The work was part of Highways England’s £750,000 project to reduce jams at the junction and on the M55, with a spokesman saying it would ultimately “provide safer and smoother journeys”.

Here are some of the reactions from Gazette readers:

"Shambles! Took me an hour to travel two miles. Why not close road at Windy Harbour lights?"

Ian Delves

"I was going down the M55 at 6.30am and there was no notification or news of this at that time. No road signs from either of the Blackpool junctions to even advise of the works.It doesn’t tell you diversions are in place until you get to the Kirkham turn off."

Lisa Jones

"What’s annoying is they started work on this roundabout the week the school traffic started again after summer, when it’s at its busiest. Why not do it in the eight weeks the kids are off?"

Sue Amirkhani

"Backed up past Mill Farm at AFC Fylde at 8.10 this morning. Shocking queues."

Harry Smith

"So glad I’m not commuting this morning, feel for everyone else."

Robyn Crossan

"£750,000 spent on a scheme to help traffic flow is a complete waste of money. Highways England have not bothered to monitor what causes the traffic to build up on the roundabout. The cause is traffic wanting to turn right into Medlar Lane just after the Ashiana restaurant cannot do so a busy times due to oncoming traffic."

David Bamber

"Is there any news on when this will re-open? This is the 2nd time in as many weeks it has run over."

Simon Moore

"I do understand that roadworks over run, however, this morning’s farce could have been made easier for many people if the signage on A585 said you couldn’t get to Preston! I sat on A585 over 20 mins then had to travel to Blackpool and back, to get to Preston. Outrageous."

Nicola Tucker

"I thought it was an accident at first because the queues were longer than they normally are but then I was forced to go on to the M55 up to Blackpool. What should have been a 10 minute journey turned into a 40 minute one. Highways England need a fine!"

Roger Foster

"Would’ve been smashing if they’d have let the queuing drivers know earlier. I was there from 5.40am. At 6.20 they rolled up and said the roadworks were overrunning. They must have known earlier than that."

Richie McQuillan