‘Worst criminal in resort’ is back in prison

Glenn Stacey
Glenn Stacey
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Blackpool’s most prolific criminal is back behind bars after flouting a town centre ban six times in just two months.

Glenn Stacey, of Victory Road, Blackpool, has more than 350 convictions to his name and police say he simply cannot stop offending.

The 54-year-old was given a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Crasbo) in February, barring him from the town centre.

But last month he was jailed for 28 days after being spotted in Poundland – the latest breach of the order.

For years he has committed offences in the resort and is well known to security teams at town centre shops.

But although police say the threat of jail doesn’t stop Stacey, who has a long history of stealing low-value items, they claim the order means they can arrest him before he causes any serious trouble.

PC Russell Bargh, of the Blackpool Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “It’s how prolific he is that’s the problem. Jail doesn’t stop him – being inside is just an occupational hazard.

“I have been an officer for 12 years and the number of convictions he has is well above anyone else I’ve ever come across.

“But the Crasbo gives us a chance to arrest him before he manages to commit a crime.

“It gives us another string to our bow that helps us prevent crime before it gets too far.

“The order has not been issued lightly. He is not shoplifting because we are getting to him first.”

Michael Hilliard, security officer at Wilkinson’s, on Dickson Road, said: “He was arrested once in here for breaching his order and since then we’ve not seen him.

“We had stopped him three or four times this year before that so that has got to be good going. He was in all the time before.”

But the nature of Stacey’s offences mean he is unlikely to face a significant stretch behind bars any time soon.

PC Bargh added: “If you asked town centre stores, they would probably be relieved at a longer period of time but would it stop him committing offences? Probably not.

“I don’t think Glenn is a particularly nasty person. He just doesn’t see the consequences and he doesn’t fear them.

“I think any officer you ask in Blackpool Central would say they know Glenn.”

Stacey is so well-known – and such a bad criminal – that he has become an unofficial part of the training for junior officers.

PC Bargh said: “Early on in your career you come into contact with him.

“He’s a good way of gaining experience and getting through the interview process.”