Workers slammed in site parking row

Cleveleys businessmen Brian Ward (left) and Martin Hunns
Cleveleys businessmen Brian Ward (left) and Martin Hunns
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TRADERS have hit out at workmen carrying out tramways work for parking on-site and blocking traffic.

Brian Ward, a Cleveleys businessman who works in Blackpool, claims workers are putting their cars on a completed part of the roadworks which is restricting a second carriageway from being re-opened.

He told The Gazette cars –which belong to Bam Nutall workmen – should be parked elsewhere, which would allow traffic congestion to be eased on Fleetwood Road and Anchorsholme Lane.

Mr Ward said: “There is no reason to close the dual carriageway in both directions.

“They are doing no more or no less in that area, but they have closed it so they can park their cars.

“It’s causing tremendous traffic problems with people having to come down to one lane and all I see is inconvenience.

“Traffic is terrible when people are going to work and coming home and they are queued up for miles.”

Martin Hunns, chairman of the Cleveleys Traders Association, said the disruption caused by the workmen parking their private vehicles on the road has caused a huge problem for businesses.

He added: “At the moment we are trying to organise a meeting with Bam Nutall to find out what’s going on and see how much longer it’s going to take.

“A lot of people are complaining about the cars being parked and the congestion is bad enough without all this.

“Everyone is coming to me and asking what we’re going to do.

“We should be getting busier at this time of year and not getting quieter.

“It’s getting a bit desperate.”

Blackpool Council, who are leading the work on the tram tracks, has called for patience with the roadworks.

A spokesman said: “We know from current roadworks how patient people have been and how they can find alternative routes. The patience is appreciated and only needed for a little bit longer.

“It will be worth it when the work is completed and Blackpool seafront is transformed for residents, businesses and visitors.

“Workers need access to their vehicles between Fleetwood Road and Anchorsholme Lane throughout the duration of the works as they move from site to site across the Promenade. This access is also used for deliveries.

“For the safety of residents and drivers the road will not be opened until all the work has been completed and it is safe to do so.”