Work due to start on St Annes town centre refurbishment

Paul Drinnan
Paul Drinnan

Work is set to start on the latest phase of improvements to St Annes town centre.

A £170,000 refurbishment of St Andrews Road South between The Crescent and Wood Street, funded mainly by planning gain money from housing developments around the area, is due to begin a week on Monday.

The work is likely to take between six and eight weeks, dependent on weather conditions, and will follow the same format as improvements previously carried out on Park Road and Orchard Road with a major facelift to forecourts as well as pavements.

The latter will be surfaced in York stone and the forecourts largely in block, although a form of rigid surface gravel will be used for some of the forecourts to allow for projecting basements.

Street trees, decorative railings and four new lighting columns in the same style as those used on adjacent Wood Street, are also included in the scheme.

Paul Drinnan, Fylde Council’s head of regeneration, said: “The scheme is starting later than originally projected. As private forecourts are included, it has been a complex matter identifying all the various property interests as well as reaching agreements with the owners.”