Woods owners’ plans after dog orders refused

Witch Wood, Lytham
Witch Wood, Lytham
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THE owners of two woods with dog fouling have been left to sort their issues alone.

The people behind the privately-owned Witch Wood and Linnet Lane Wood in Lytham asked Fylde Council to help make sure dog owners kept control of their pets.

They went to the council’s scrutiny committee, which recommended councillors passed a bylaw for Dog Control 
Orders to be issued in the woods when necessary.

At their cabinet meeting, the councillors said they sympathised with the issues but voted to take no further action on the request, believing they shouldn’t provide resources for private land.

Lytham St Annes Civic Society owns Witch Wood, and co-ordinator Rob Wilkinson said the group was now left to look into funding its own dog 


He said: “We’re not asking for dogs to be kept on leads at all times, we are just asking that owners pick up after their dogs, keep them under control and don’t walk more than three dogs at a time.

“There is already a law requiring people to pick up after their dog, but we don’t know how to go about enforcing it.

“We’re going to go back to the council and ask them where we stand.”

Mr Wilkinson added the group was disappointed by the result of the meeting, which was held last month.

Linnet Lane Wood is owned by the Cypress Point Management 

Director Chris Blackburn said the committee was going to “let the dust settle” before speaking to councillors about how much it would cost to subcontract a dog warden.

He added: “You have to have an authorised person to issue the dog control orders, so our hands are tied.

“There is no solution for us as private land owners.”

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