Women battered for protecting her cancer-stricken husband

Christine and Barry Wade of South Shore
Christine and Barry Wade of South Shore
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A WOMAN was brutally beaten by four men while she tried to protect her husband who was recovering from cancer.

Christine Wade was waiting for food in the 5 Star Takeaway, on Hawes Side Lane, South Shore, when four thugs began taunting her husband, Barry who recently had an operation to treat throat cancer.


During the incident one of the men, who had been shadow boxing with other members of the group beforehand, started aiming punches close to Mr Wade’s face, before telling another man to “get him”.

The man jumped on Barry and grabbed him around the neck before clamping his teeth on to the 56-year-old’s ear.

Mrs Wade, 50, of South Shore, said: “I jumped on them and tried to pull them off, but they started to hit me in the face and I don’t remember anything from then.”

“The nerve endings in his throat are so sensitive, my protective instinct just kicked in.

“The next thing I knew, our friend Gary had dragged me to the doorway and an ambulance was on its way.”

Since Mr Wade was diagnosed with cancer of the tonsils four years ago, he has endured a gruelling regime of treatment including an operation to remove part of his throat.

Mrs Wade said when the man attacked her husband she saw him trying to bite his ear and was immediately concerned they might damage the area where his neck had been operated on.

She added: “I’m totally shocked and I’m going everywhere in taxis now, I am frightened to go out.

“You just wouldn’t think, going out with two fairly big men, anything like this would happen.”

The couple were taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital following the incident at around 11.45pm on Friday.

Mrs Wade was treated for a fractured cheekbone, which may require surgery, while her husband had a bite to the ear and a bump to his head looked at.

Det Sgt Paddy Dowling, of Blackpool CID, said: “This was a totally unnecessary and cowardly attack which resulted in Christine sustaining nasty injuries.

“She may even have to have surgery on her cheek.

“She entered the 5 Star Takeaway with her husband.

“The four young men were already in the takeaway, and one of them was shadow boxing with one of his friends.

“Christine and her husband tried to engage in some light-hearted banter which quickly turned sour and the couple were set upon by the four men.

“We are currently looking at CCTV and forensic opportunities but I feel sure that these offenders will have boasted about their exploits to their friends and families.”

The gang were all described as white, in their late teens to early twenties and dressed in casual clothing.

Anyone with information can contact Blackpool Police on (01253) 293933 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.