Woman hurt in street brawl

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A WOMAN suffered a head injury after a drunken brawl on a town centre street.

Police were called to Queen Street at around 3.50am on Tuesday following a report a 20-year-old woman had been assaulted.

But after viewing CCTV footage of the incident adjacent to the Catholic Club, police said they would take no formal action.

A spokesman said: “It looks as if the woman was the aggressor, we have looked through CCTV and she is very drunk. For a reason unknown she has started hitting a man who was walking down the street and he has pushed her away.

“This has caused her to fall and she has banged her head causing a minor injury.

“As there have been no formal complaints made we will speak to the woman but I do not think we will take any formal action.”

The woman was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital but later discharged.

A section of Queen Street was closed to pedestrians and traffic while forensic examinations were carried out.

This was lifted just before 10am.