Woman guilty of cruelty to collie

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A WOMAN has been found guilty of cruelty to a dog after a border collie was discovered to be half the weight it should have been and flea infested.

A vet said the dog had been suffering for at least a month because it had malnutrition.

Angela Drover, 50, of Elizabeth Street, Blackpool, was found guilty of two offences of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal after a trial in her absence.

Jonathan Fail, prosecuting, said the dog, called Lucy, was handed in at an animal sanctuary in November last year.

A vet found the dog was 50 per cent under its expected weight and described it as “extremely emaciated.” It had lost hair on its back stomach and hind legs, had fleas and its nails were overgrown.

RSPCA inspector, Amanda Taylor, tracked down Drover as the owner.

Drover told the inspector she had had the dog for three months, but it had deteriorated. A friend of her son’s had taken it to the sanctuary.

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