Winter Gardens joins campaign to save nature

Pictured is assistant manager of the Winter Gardens Phil Jackson.
Pictured is assistant manager of the Winter Gardens Phil Jackson.
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Blackpool’s famous Winter Gardens is jumping on board the green bandwagon in a bid to help the natural environment.

The venue has ditched plastic cutlery and polystyrene plates, and is the latest to sign up to LOVEmyBEACH’s ReFILL campaign.

The local scheme aims to reduce litter caused by throaway drinks by offering free water to passers-by.

Phil Jackson, operations manager at the Winter Gardens and Opera House (inset), said: “We as a venue are trying, where possible, to reduce plastic, which in a building this size is no easy task.

“It’s for the environment more than anything.

“After seeing Blue Planet 2 and seeing the problem being highlighted in the press, as a venue with one million people through the door every year it seems right to contribute in one way or another.

“We don’t use plastic cutlery or polystyrene plates.

“We’re trying to use, where we can, glass bottles instead of plastic so it can be easily recycled.

“Two of the Tower coffee shops and the HOP on Cookson Street which we also run are all getting involved.

“If a customer asks for a drink in a plastic cup then they are more than welcome to have it, but we are really trying to push for glass.

“You only have to watch the Blackpool beach after a busy day, such as the Bank Holiday Monday, it’s streamed with litter.

“If we can reduce that, every ilttle helps.”

The Gazette is campaigning to get 200 businesses to back ReFILL.

To get involved, email with the subject line ‘ReFILL’, or call (01253) 361726.