Will new Prom art be monster hit or miss?

CRITICS claim the first one left a lot to be Desired – but now Blackpool’s second promenade sculpture should make a monster of an


The next stage in Blackpool’s controversial 500,000 artistic revolution was due to be installed on the South Promenade today.

Following on from the controversial Desire sculpture, passions are sure to stirred by the

second sculpture – entitled The Frankenstein Project.

Created by London-based artist Tony Stallard at a cost of 44,000, the work will feature a tangle of valves and pipes in a divers’ decompression chamber.

A blue neon light will glow through portholes where viewers will see glass skeletons and a killer whale’s skull.

Liam Curtin, of Manchester-based project consultants The Art Department, said: “It doesn’t bother me what people say about the pieces of art.

“They are daring and I believe they will give the town a boost. I am pleased they have prompted a

response – I call that a success.”

Tomorrow will see the installation of the third piece of modern art on South Promenade as part of the project which will eventually feature 16 seafront sculptures.

Water Wings – a 52,000 curved panoramic panel of twisted steel showing an image of a swimming child designed by Bruce Williams – was due to be erected two weeks ago, but was delayed by a last minute hitch in the workshop.

But Mr Curtin said: “Everything is back on schedule now after the glitch in the workshop with Water Wings.

“The Frankenstein Project will not be completely finished for another couple of days – it still needs the insides to be done on site, so it will not look like much until the weekend.

“Water Wings is being made in Skelmersdale and will take at least a day to put in place.”

The outdoor art gallery, dubbed The Great Promenade Show, has attracted funding from Blackpool Council, Blackpool Challenge Partnership, the Lancashire Tourism Partnership and the South Shore Hospitality Group.

The final exhibit of the show’s first stage – three giant pebbles called Glam Rocks – will be installed on Thursday, June 7.

Organisers are seeking

finance to fund more artworks which are planned for later in the year.

Artist Tony Stallard said: “I think people’s

initial reaction will be ‘what the hell is this?’but the sculpture invites curiosity – people want to look inside, they are drawn to it.”