Will Mark fall head over heels?

Mark on Blind Date
Mark on Blind Date
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ABlackpool man who lost the sight in his right eye after standing up to a knife-wielding criminal went on a classic TV show to find love.

Mark, 36, bagged a date in the new series of Blind Date, which will air this Saturday on Channel 5.

Jed, Simon and Kevin on Blind Date

Jed, Simon and Kevin on Blind Date

The mental health nurse, whose surname was not revealed by producers, chatted with three lonely hearts on the show in the hopes of hitting it off.

He revealed to host Paul O’Grady (inset) that he lost the sight in his right eye in 2017, when he was stabbed at a party after trying to protect two women.

Mark, who once worked as a dancer with the famous Nolan sisters, said: “I was on my way home from a night out. Two girls were being beaten up by a man. I tried to intervene - tried being the operative word.”

He said the man responsible for the attack was caught and is now in prison.

A recent divorcee, he confessed that he had been unlucky in love and that he wanted to find a man his own age. He said: “I have dated a few times but with Blackpool being the small gay community that it is two people who I did date after I was divorced are now a happy couple!”

He added: “I’m a bit of an old fashioned romantic myself. I prefer writing letters over using the telephone and ‘Grindr’ is something I use for making coffee.”

Mark was given the chance to ask three questions to holiday rep Jed, proud Welshman Simon and dog lover Kevin from behind the famous screen.

While he did leave the show successfully with a date on his arm, people who want to find out who the lucky contestant was will have to watch the show on Saturday.