Why are drives still blocked?

Residents Peter and Adele Simmonds, Betty Ryder and Norman Taylor.
Residents Peter and Adele Simmonds, Betty Ryder and Norman Taylor.
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ANGRY residents have been left frustrated after workers dug up their road – and then stopped work.

Residents on Singleton Avenue, in St Annes, have now been denied access to their drives for four weeks, and are growing impatient at the speed of Lancashire County Council’s £45,000 project to resurface the road.

Adele Simmonds, whose home is one of those affected, said: “It is a mess – we can’t get in our driveways and the pavements outside our homes have got rubble on.

“My neighbour is 86 and has a buggy, but she can’t go out because concrete blocks are taking up part of the pavement.”

The county council said the work would take eight weeks in total – but Mrs Simmonds said she and her neighbours did not expect the area outside their homes to be dug up for so long. They are angry that workers failed to complete Singleton Avenue before digging up neighbouring Poulton Avenue.

Mrs Simmonds added: “I’m annoyed about how long it’s taking and now they are not working at all outside our house – they should have completed our road before they started on Poulton Avenue.”

Coun Nigel Goodrich, said: “Unfortunately it’s a huge amount of work and it takes time to do the quality of job required. Inevitably some residents are going to be inconvenienced and I have sympathy with them but I’m sure it will be much better when it’s finished.”

The work is scheduled to finish next month, but the county council is hopeful it will re-open tonight.

Andy Ashcroft, highways manager for Fylde, said: “Because we knew this would cause disruption, we communicated with residents in advance. We’re sorry for the disruption, but the good news is that we’ve made excellent progress and the road will reopen for residential access ahead of schedule.”

“The final phase of works will involve finishing the surface and installing dropped kerbs at the bottom of driveways.

“Parking will be available to residents on the road.”