Who put that light there?

Hotelier Andrew Walker, who owns the Lyndene Hotel on Coronation Street in Blackpool
Hotelier Andrew Walker, who owns the Lyndene Hotel on Coronation Street in Blackpool
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DRAMA is brewing on Coronation Street after hoteliers came face-to-face with a very bright problem just inches from their properties.

A brand-new lamp-post has appeared on the famous street’s Blackpool namesake – and it’s been branded “hideous” by those whose hotels it obscures.

Andrew Walker, who owns the Lyndene Hotel, said: “It’s basically made my building look an eyesore. They’ve stuck it an inch away from my property covering a feature wall, which is nicely painted.

“It’s going to affect all the bedrooms because there will be light shining through the window. All of a sudden we’ve got these silver posts and they’re not even nice.”

The lamp-post sits between Mr Walker’s hotel and the neighbouring Chesterfield House Hotel, owned by Donna McGowan. And she’s also furious the lamp-post has been moved so close to her building.

She said: “It’s absolutely hideous. I don’t know what possessed them to put it there. They could have put it at the end of the properties, not in the middle of them. It’s an eyesore, it looks horrendous.”

The lamp-post has been installed as part of a £153m scheme to improve street lighting across Blackpool. Power giant EON have been contracted by Blackpool Council to carry out the work.

And it’s not the first time local residents have been left furious about the new locations of the lamp-posts.

Last year Janet and David Duckworth, of Moss Way, Marton, won a battle to stop a lamp-post being installed in their front garden while Bernard Ayres, of Waterloo Road, South Shore, complained after a lamp-post was erected right in front of his front gate.

And a filter had to be put on a street light on St Chad’s Road, South Shore, after resident Roy Ingham and his neighbours complained it was shining into their homes.

A spokesman for Blackpool Council said they were not required to consult about the placement of the lamp-posts, but notices had been put up where they were being installed.

He added: “Lights are set so they don’t shine in windows, and can be adjusted. Anyone with problems can call EON on 0800 096 1438.”