‘Where has pride gone?’

Just rubbish! Howard Wensley (below) and some of the rubbish dumped near his North Shore home
Just rubbish! Howard Wensley (below) and some of the rubbish dumped near his North Shore home
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A former airman has called on people to take more pride in where they live after an alley near his home became a rubbish dumping ground.

Howard Wensley said there have been close to 20 incidents in the past six months near his house in Healey Street in North Shore.

Howard Wensley

Howard Wensley

The 52-year-old, who lives with wife Linda, said the actions of flytippers is “beyond a joke”.

He added: “It really is quite annoying. Blackpool could be so much better if not for the fly-tipping.

“It dates back to June – I would say we’ve been targeted 15 to 20 times. It is getting beyond a joke.

“I used to live in Waddington, Lincolnshire, and it was such a clean place, people took pride in where they lived.

“I came here to be with my partner Linda and all I want to do is go back.” Mr Wensley said the area is a target for fly-tippers 
because it does not have a gated alleyway – unlike other alleys in the area.

He said he wanted a metal gateway to be installed after items including sofas, chairs and building rubble was dumped in the alleyway.

He added: “I may sound like Victor Meldrew but it is getting ridiculous.

“We are the only road off Rossall Road without a gated alleyway. We are being targeted. We spoke to the council about getting it installed but do not seem to be getting anywhere. It is so disappointing.”

A Gazette investigation in November revealed a shocking rise in fly-tipping in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre.

In Blackpool alone there were 4,656 reported incidents in the 12 months up to March – a 17 per cent rise compared to the year before.

However, council records showed just 157 people were fined last year for fly-tipping in the borough, with 661 statutory notices were sent to landowners ordering them to clean up the mess.

Claremont Coun Sylvia Taylor said she understood Mr Wensley’s concerns and pledged to help. She said: “Claremont has more alley gates than any ward in the town – we do something about it. I am surprised there is not an alley gate there.

“I welcome his attitude towards where he lives. If he wants to contact me or Coun Ivan Taylor about getting a gate installed we would be happy to speak about it.”