'What the same ones for the last 20 years no' - Blackpool residents' mixed reaction to Illuminations

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen at the Lights season launch yesterday
Laurence Llewelyn Bowen at the Lights season launch yesterday
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In one area of Blackpool two thirds of schoolchildren have never seen the Illuminations.

With this revelation Civic leaders are now urging people to get out and enjoy the world-famous attraction which is on their doorstep.

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Deputy leader of Blackpool Council, Coun Gillian Campbell said large numbers of children in her Grange Park ward had never even visited the beach in their home town.

With so much going on in the town why are locals not taking advantage?

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Here are some views from our facebook page...

It may be because many people here know how manic it gets on the front during the lights. It can take a couple of hours to get through them. Kids get bored and you have people Knockin on your windows all the way down asking you to buy the same crap
Jenine Lumb

Lazy parents
Ann Lavery Harding

Not much new keep putting the same things up each year i have taken my kids to see them most years. but same old stuff as my mum and dad used to see years ago
Ian Bromell

What the same ones for the last 20 years no
Jamie Leekye

Why does anyone want to see bulbs in a row for miles? What makes that an 'attraction'?
Ed Rossall

Not like its a far walk from either way
Jordan Astbury

Take the kids every year ! Last year we changed the name to GLOOMINATIONS ! Going down hill fast ! Won’t rush to see them this year........resident
Pam Crawforth

Look really who cares the illuminations are old and dated
Daz Finlay

You only need to go through them once in your life cos they don’t change, they just move them about.
Linda Bradshaw

I take all four of my kids when it's ride the lights they all love it. It's a great evening out x
Cheryl Dyson

The illuminations are the same as they have been for the last 20 plus years. Children (I hate to say it) get more joy from watching there iPads! It's a sad fact. Locals have seen the same sight yr in yr out. Kids are bored with seeing the same thing. Even just driving down the prom daily as locals do they see them. They just don't have the wow factor they did 20/30yrs ago when that kind of sight was only really seen in places like Disney. I have three children and my youngest 5yrs. She Isn't interested by them. They seriously need updating and get more with the times. Or just save the council and locals money and get rid. We do go and walk them every year! But it's more my self and my husband reminiscing and my kids asking to go to hearts amusements! Justopinion.
Sarah Rogers

It's because once you've seen em 20 years ago that's it. They rarely change.
Casee Leigh

We've been once and having some adults that are on something or drunk swearing and fighting isn't what my kids need to see tbh
Sam Stowell

Often when you live in a resort or near tourist attraction you only visit these places when you have visitors. They are just background wallpaper for most of us.
Pamela Barber

I’ve gone through the lights at least once every year for over 40yrs. Hasn’t cost me anything other than the bits & pieces I buy for the kids on an enjoyable evening out ... bit of candy floss, few pennies in the arcades, light up toy when they were younger, sugar doughnuts & a drink or a tray of chips on the way home.... can’t beat it. You don’t make memories sat on the sofa!
Mark Mason