what a scorcher!

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The outlook for Blackpool this Saturday is for it to be hot, hot, hot – whatever the weather.

For the Blackpool Chilli 
Fiesta will be testing people’s tastebuds to the limit when it returns to the resort for its third year.

Around 25 chilli producers from around the country will be setting up their stalls in St John’s Square between 10.30am and 5.30pm.

Alexander Mustang, of Chilli Fest UK which is organising the event in partnership with Blackpool BID (Business Improvement District), said: “This is our first Chilli Fiesta of the year and people will be coming not just to browse the stalls, but to suffer pain as they take their taste buds to the extreme.

“This is a chance for people who already love chilli to be a bit more adventurous, but even those who think they don’t like chilli will be curious, and will want to join in.

“The objective is to raise awareness of this small economy, where chilli producers are working from home or from small workshops and then bringing their culinary skills to the table.

“We will have 
everything from chilli chocolate to chilli jam, chilli cakes, chilli mustard and chilli dips.

“Everything is chilli based, you won’t even find tea and coffee on our stalls, and these products are only available in a few delis or online.

“This is our third year in Blackpool and the festival is getting more popular every year.”

Highlights of the day will include a chilli dog eating contest at noon, a chilli barbecue and a chilli cider bar.

Around 3,000 people are expected to attend the 
festival, which is the first of 16 similar events due to be held nationally by Chilli Fest UK throughout the year.

Admission is free and it is hoped it will also boost trade for other businesses in the area.

Simon Wrigley, of Number 5 restaurant in Cedar Square, said: “It’s a good event which has brought in lots of people to the area in previous 

“It’s something a bit different and will draw people from the town centre into the square and hopefully benefit all the businesses in this part of town.”

Chilli Fest UK is a non-profit making organisation and producers are expected to attend from as far afield as Scotland and London.