‘Wet farms are useless’

Coun Tommy Threlfall at Boundary Brook just outside Lytham
Coun Tommy Threlfall at Boundary Brook just outside Lytham
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THE state of local drainage is rendering acres of farmland useless.

That’s the claim made today by farmers on rural Fylde as they call for action in clearing some of the saturated fields surrounding Lytham.

The problem, they say, is the high level of water in the nearby brooks and drain systems.

Tim Laycock, from Lawns Farm, said: “Agriculture in our area used to employ an awful lot of people. Now areas of this land is unfarmable.

“Our neighbours and other farmers in this basin have about 20 to 30 acres of land which is now only suitable for grazing cattle.”

It’s an issue Coun Tommy Threlfall is looking into.

He said: “The drainage system is not effective. It cannot take the amount of water being put into it, and something needs to be done.”

He said fields were so saturated water fowl were coming to roost. The birds constantly fly into overhead power lines, which cuts electricity.

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has held meetings with farmers and talks with the Environment Agency.

He said: “The protection of agricultural land is vital for farmers if their businesses are to continue to thrive as they have for many years in Fylde and is an issue I will continue to fight for on their behalf.”

Environment Agency’s flood risk manager, Andy Brown, said: “We are speaking to local landowners, farmers and councillors to pinpoint the problem areas, and collecting water level data from local watercourses. We are seeking a long-term solution, but in the meantime have carried out some silt removal to Main Drain and Birks Watercourse to increase the amount of water they can hold.”

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