Well-groomed males give Botox a lift

Wayne Hopson is one of a growing number of males getting botox treatment.
Wayne Hopson is one of a growing number of males getting botox treatment.
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It’s the revelation that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows...

Scores of men across the Fylde coast are paying upwards of £100 a time for Botox injections.

According to one nurse prescriber and two blokes who use Botox, it’s becoming more and more popular with the area’s male population.

And they insist that’s nothing to frown at. The number of men having Botox has soared by 40 per cent, recent industry figures suggest.

“Men are worse than women for it, they want to look good,” said Caroline Spencer, a nurse prescriber who runs Beau Time, in Bispham.

“But they’re the ones who’d rather keep it to themselves, they’d rather be accused of having an affair than admit they have Botox.”

Caroline said while men only account for around 25 per cent of her business, based behind a discreet shop front on Red Bank Road, more and more of her new customers are men.

“Every year there’s more men. They’re not the cave men they used to be,” she added.

That stereotype of how men should be is what prompts many to be so secretive about their expensive exploits, according to Caroline.

Tim Barrow, 30, from South Shore, said: “I think it’s a male thing.

“Socially it’s OK for a woman, whereas with men it’s not something they stereotypically do.”

Hairdresser Wayne Hopson, also 30 and from South Shore, admits to being image conscious as he spends his working days surrounded by mirrors in a Blackpool salon.

He said: “I’m constantly around mirrors. I’ve got a frown line between my eyebrows so I was getting it done for that. I felt better for having it done but it was only a little amount, I’ve always been able to move my forehead. I was telling people and no-one said they would have noticed.”

According to the recent Keogh report, recently released by the medical director of the NHS, cosmetic treatments could be worth an estimated £3.6bn by 2015.

“Everybody’s having it because it’s so affordable,” said Caroline. Whatever price tag, it is well worth it according to those who know.

“It’s definitely worth paying, you’re more confident if you feel good,” said Wayne.

Tim is ready for his next round of Botox, having tried the treatment after seeing the outcome it had for his partner and researching the procedure online.

“I love it,” he said. “My partner had it done, I’d always been a bit sceptical, but when I saw it I thought I’ll try it and I’m happy with the results. A few less lines and wrinkles can’t be bad.

“People did notice – they didn’t say ‘ooh, you’ve had Botox’, they just said ‘oh, you look well’.

“For me it’s well worth it.”