‘This definitely needs sorting out’ - Readers have their say after children's graves flooded at Carleton Crematorium

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Torrential rain over the past week has caused chaos for commuters, homes, businesses – and even grieving parents.

After The Gazette reported on children’s graves at Carleton Crematorium being flooded over the weekend, with mementoes and touching tributes washed away, the council said it had dispatched engineers to the scene to come up with a solution.

Childrens graves were left underwater following torrential rain

Childrens graves were left underwater following torrential rain

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Coun Maria Kirkland, who is responsible for the cemetery, said: “Our team has inspected the garden as a priority and report that there is now very little water left. Any mementoes that were dislodged by the force of the water have been put in a place that can be easily accessed by family and friends.”

Our readers were quick to share their feelings:

"Just been on a rescue mission. Most of my son’s missing items were by the front on the bench so if you are missing anything check there. Sadly this isn’t the first and will not be the last time."
Lisa Marie Duffy-Smith

"How sad for the families to see their loved ones’ graves like this. It just seems so disrespectful to me. Surely it’s not that big of a job to pump water away an get drainage in there is it?"
Sarah Kozlowski

"I think it is mainly due to the amount of rainfall in such a short space of time, as we were there at 12 and there was hardly any. The fact that it was drained in less than 24 hours is an improvement, as in previous years this would have taken much longer."
Lydia Collins

"It’s horrible. The poor parents would have to see their children’s graves like that. This definitely needs sorting out."
Savannah Thompson

"This is heartbreaking. I am glad I never put my stillborn there now. It needs sorting pronto. They have the money. They charge enough fees. Come on."
Jayne Speakman

"This is so much more than heartbreaking. It’s hard enough for the families just visiting but seeing this has left families distraught. There should be drains fitted so this is prevented as it also happened in 2017."
Klarisa Cole-Jones

"The new system is working as last year the water sat there for days. It had drained within hours."

"However it’s horrendous seeing it like this. I can’t begin to tell you how distressing it is seeing the pictures, let alone standing there staring at your baby’s grave that you can’t get to.

"But alot of Carleton, Poulton and Cleveleys were flooded too and still are. I think it’s the whole drainage system in general that needs sorting.
Claire Maxwell

"Instead of having fields for rain to soak into, its now concrete and paving so the water runs off and has to go somewhere as the local main drains were not built to accommodate the extra rain water. It’s so sad and I feel for the families who have loved ones there."
Andy Wilson

"My little boy is here. I’m absolutely gutted. I’m so worried his stone will sink as he’s got a full kerbset that’s just sitting above the ground."
Jasmine Jade McCaffery