Is someone you know on this list? The Met Office UK have just announced these new storm names for 2019-2020

The Met Office has announced a new list of storm names for 2019-2020.
The Met Office has announced a new list of storm names for 2019-2020.
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Weather experts will label future storms using this list of names, the Met Office has announced.

The "Name our Storms" campaign, first launched in 2015, is designed to raise public awareness of severe weather in Britain and Ireland before it hits.

Now in its fifth year, the UK forecaster and Met Éireann, its Irish counterpart, are teaming up with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute as well.

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This summer the Met Office received thousands of name suggestions from the public, and working with Met Éireann and KNMI, the list for the year ahead has been compiled to reflect the diversity of the three nations.

Announcing the new list of storm names, Derrick Ryall, Associate Director of Public Weather Service at the Met Office, said: “We were delighted with the public response to our call for names earlier this year.

“And we are delighted to welcome our new partners from KNMI.”

And here are the names:

A - Atiya

B - Brendan

C - Ciara

D - Dennis

E - Ellen

F - Francis

G - Gerda

H - Hugh

I - Iris

J - Jan

K - Kitty

L - Liam

M - Maura

N - Noah

O - Olivia

P - Piet

Q ---

R - Roisin

S - Samir

T - Tara

U ---

V - Vince

W - Willow

X ---

Y ---

Z ---