We're the Slimmers

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SLIMMING by name, slimming by nature.

This loving couple have really lived up to their monicker by shedding more than 100lbs between them.

Sandra and Douglas Slimming, of Anchorsholme, put the secret of their success down to regular Wednesday night WeightWatchers meetings at Cleveleys United Reformed Church, team work, and, of course, a bit of husband and wife rivalry.

Over the last year, Sandra, 65, has dropped four dress sizes, shedding 48lbs and going from a size 22 to a size 14-16.

And Douglas has gone from 17st 7lbs, to 13st 9lbs – a loss of 54lbs. His waist has shrunk from 46ins to 36ins.

Sandra said their weight loss success was down to the fact they had followed the programme together.

She said: "I had been a yo-yo dieter over the years and decided I was going to start WeightWatchers, and Douglas said he would go with me, to support me. The two of us going together meant we have stuck to it.

"It's much easier to do all the weighing and make meals for two people than it is for one. We have encouraged each other and spurred each other on.

"And there has even been some competition and rivalry between us over who is going to lose the most each week, which causes a lot of amusement at the meetings.

"The programme is great because it's not a diet. It's about healthy eating and you can eat whatever you want, but it's about moderation.

"The meetings are brilliant, you get ideas from other members, it's so friendly. We have such a laugh and the support from the group leader Lesley is fantastic.

"We have both had to buy a whole new wardrobe and donated bags and bags of old clothes, which were just too big, to charity shops.

"It's great to have more choice now when shopping though. I feel so much better, more confident and I have more energy. Now I can go up and down the stairs easier. Everything feels easier.

"Our name does cause some amusement too, it is rather unusual."

And Douglas, 64, added: "I wasn't sure at first, although I said I would go with Sandra, I did think the meetings might be full of women. But it's not like that – there are fellas there, and guys shouldn't feel embarrassed to join Weight Watchers. It's absolutely marvellous.

"I certainly feel much healthier. And I haven't really felt hungry at all."