Watching your speed for you

PC Lyndsey Hooper and Coun John Singleton in Staining.
PC Lyndsey Hooper and Coun John Singleton in Staining.
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A HARD hitting message warning drivers to keep to the speed limit is being trialled in a Fylde village.

Posters have been put up on lampposts in Staining showing a child’s face, half of which shows injuries after a collision with a car travelling at the 20mph speed limit, and the other half shows injuries following a crash at 30mph.

And three residents are being trained using the police’s speed guns to catch people who persistently break the speed limit.

Staining parish councillor John Singleton said the posters so far seemed to be effective.

He said: “It’s all part of getting everyone to focus on travelling at 20mph, and bringing home the message of what can happen if you’re in a collision with a child.

“Staining is a residential area with a few kids about, but like anything else, their effect will only last momentarily.”

The next step against speeding along Whitemoss Avenue and Westfield Avenue, which are used as a rat run by drivers between north and south Fylde, is Road Watch.

Once the three Road Watch residents have received their training, they will stand at different points along the two roads and monitor the speed of traffic.

Parish councillor Keith Shuck is one of the hopeful volunteers.

The 67-year-old of Palatine Close is also a former road traffic policeman with years of experience using the hand-held speed guns.

He said: “At the moment we don’t have a traffic accident problem, but I can see one arising and unless we do something constructive about it there would be quite catastrophic results for the family involved.

“A prevention is better than a cure.

“There are a lot of people who obey the speed limit, but there are some who see it as an unnecessary evil.”

Anyone caught breaking the speed limit by Road Watch will be sent a letter, informing them they were speeding in a 20mph zone.

Those who receive three letters will be dealt with by police.

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