Warning over scam at cash machines

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Police are warning people to be on their guard when using cash machines on the Fylde coast after two were targeted by thieves.

One woman’s details were used to withdraw £750 from cash points across Blackpool after a “skimming” device was used to steal her card and personal information.

The most recent victim had tried to use an ATM at the Post Office on Norbreck Road, Norbreck, on Tuesday but it did not return her card.

Police later discovered the machine had been tampered with by thieves.

It follows a similar incident on Devonshire Road on January 21.

A card was swallowed by the machine at the Costcutter and after she reported it to her bank she was told the card had been used to withdraw £750.

PC Carol White, of Blackpool Police, said: “We believe a skimming device has been attached to both of these machines, leaving both cashpoint users unaware they were actually having their cards and their card details, including their PIN, stolen.

“We are asking the public to be alert and report anything they notice out of the ordinary at cash-points.”