Warning over noisy dogs

Phil Dent, Fylde Council's principal environmental health officer.
Phil Dent, Fylde Council's principal environmental health officer.
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BARKING dogs driving their neighbours mad could land their owners in hot water after Fylde Council fired off a stark warning.

The number of complaints environmental health officers have received about nuisance dogs has risen by 30 per cent in the last six years - and now the council is warning owners who fail to act are at risk of a £5,000 fine.

Phil Dent, principal environmental health officer, said: “Owners have been prosecuted and fined for failing to comply with a noise abatement notice. We prefer to work with pet owners but we won’t hesitate to issue more noise abatement notices and take court action again.

“We accept that dogs bark, for example, when a visitor comes to the door or as a warning. We will only take action if the barking is left uncontrolled, occurs at unsociable hours or continues for prolonged periods.

“With other sources of noise we can get action by confiscating, for example, musical equipment. We can’t confiscate a dog so court action is more common.”

In the last year the council has dealt with dogs barking outside at 5am and a small property containing six dogs.