Warning over lorries on village roads

Lorries in Thornton
Lorries in Thornton
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Campaigners are calling for heavy goods vehicle drivers to stick to the bypass rather than drive through the streets of a Fylde coast village.

Lorries heading to industrial sites around Thornton are directed to use Amounderness Way.

However a survey carried out by Thornton Action Group showed 119 heavy lorries using Fleetwood Road North, which runs through the middle of the village.

A spokesman for the group said: “HGV traffic on Fleetwood Road North has been a concern for many residents over a number of years.“An up to date survey was carried out at the junction of Bourne Way.

"The survey was undertaken at this junction to ensure Red Marsh Industrial Estate traffic wasn’t included.

“There were 119 large HGVs over the nine hour period travelling along Fleetwood Road North and which could have used the trunk road.”

A number of concerns have been raised over lorries driving through Thornton, including potential damage to roads, noise and increased pollition.

Thornton Action Group is now putting pressure on Lancashire County Council to keep goods traffic on the trunk roads and to introduce other safety improvements.