Walker rescued in cut off drama

Lytham lifeboat
Lytham lifeboat
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A MAN was dramatically rescued by lifeboat crews after becoming stranded on a Fylde coast beach.

The man, who was in his 50s, was cut off from the shore by the incoming tide around 8.10pm yesterday.

He managed to call the Coastguard and a Lytham Lifeboat crews was sent to pick him up.

The man was found on a sandbank opposite The Chadwick Hotel in the town.

A spokesman for the Coastguard said: “The man had been for a walk along the beach when the tide came in around the back of him.

“He phoned us to say he was stranded on a sand bank.

“We stayed on the phone to him until the lifeboat picked him up and took him back to shore.

“Luckily he was not in the water and was on the sand all the time.

“We always tell people to be aware of the changing tide. Especially around this part of the coast, with the beaches being flat, the water comes in very quickly.”