Wait goes on for repairs to crumbling road

Albert Road, St Annes urgently needs resurfacing
Albert Road, St Annes urgently needs resurfacing

It’s a prime contender for the worst road surface in Fylde – and it will be months yet before it is improved.

The state of Albert Road, St Annes – with its complete lack of a top surface on practically the whole stretch between Hope Street and Shepherd Road – continues to be a constant subject of complaints to Heyhouses ward councillors in St Annes.

Coun Viv Willder said: “People complain to us about Albert Road all the time – and we are working hard to do what we can.”

Resident Paul Woodall said: “I only moved here a few months ago and it is a lovely street but the state of that stretch of road is quite dreadful. It really does need sorting out as a matter of urgency.”

Lancashire County Council’s highways department says it is not in the resurfacing programme for this financial year, meaning it will be at least next April before any work is done.

But the area’s county councillor Ed Nash insists it is very much a priority as he lobbies at County Hall to ensure roads are in their best possible condition – and is confident it will be on the list for the next financial year.

“We are aware of the state of Albert Road and that it needs resurfacing,” he said.

“It is the subject of constant messages to the highways department and I am determined to see work carried out there. A number of nearby roads, such as St Patrick’s Road South and Holmefield Road have been waiting quite some time to be dealt with and they are on the list for the current year.

“That is very encouraging and I am very hopeful that Albert Road - and the various stretches of nearby Church Road which also need repairing – will be looked at soon.

“I would reassure people that the County Council is trying its very best to keep the roads looking their best within the budget available and I would urge them to report and problems via the County Council website.

“That stretch of Albert Road was looked at and had loose chippings removed in an effort to reduce the problem.

“It is beyond patching and needs a complete resurface and that has to wait for a budget allocation.

“I am reassured by the general schedule for that area over St Annes over the coming months and am confident it will be dealt with as soon as at all possible.”

Coun Willder added: “The problem is that with only two roads between St Annes and Lytham and consequent congestion on those main routes at busy times, streets such as Albert Road tend to get used as shortcuts and the extra traffic doesn’t help the surface.

“I suppose one consolation of the current state of it is that drivers can’t help but slow down, but it really does need sorting out and we will keep doing all we can to campaign for that.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We have no plans to carry out maintenance to Albert Road as part of this year’s programme which runs until April 2019, however we’ll continue to inspect it as part of our regular cycle and carry out any temporary repairs which may be needed for safety.

“Next year’s programme will be decided early next year on the basis of the most recent survey data available.”