Vow to continue fake goods raids

Counterfeit CD's seized at Norcross Lane car boot sale
Counterfeit CD's seized at Norcross Lane car boot sale
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TRADING standards officers have pledged to continue their raids after the latest swoop netted thousands of pounds of fake goods.

Counterfeit designer jewellery and DVD’s worth £10,000 were seized in the raid at Norcross car boot sale in Cleveleys.

Steven Brimble, a trading standards officer at Lancashire County Council, said the amount seized at last weekend’s swoop was ‘typical’.

He said: “We are finding counterfeit goods on a weekly basis, be it at car boot sales, on the internet or in high street stores.

“Often the goods are fake designer labels such as GHD hair straighteners, Ugg Boots or pirate DVD’s of the latest cinema releases.

“There has also been an increase in the amount of counterfeit cigarettes imported into the county which we are closely monitoring.”

Mr Brimble said although counterfeiting is perceived as a victimless crime it is often linked to criminal gangs.

He said: “Money made by the sale of counterfeit goods can be used to support drug trafficking and organised crime on a local and international level.

“We are intelligence led and to stop these criminals making money and legitimate traders losing out we need tip-offs.”

Mr Brimble advised customers to follow the three ‘P’ policy when looking to buy goods.

He said: “Look at the product to see if it is branded.

“Then look at the price, if it is selling at less than half the high street price alarm bells should ring.

“Then look at the place you are buying from – find out where things have come from.”

Anyone with information regarding the sale of counterfeit goods can call Consumer Direct on 0845 4 04 05 06.