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Don't remove these VIPs
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These pebbles don’t belong in your garden...they live on the beach!

That’s the message from a group of schoolchildren who are using their creativity to support a new campaign.

Youngsters from Manor Beach Primary in Cleveleys - itself a stone’s throw from the shore – have been busy making movies, reminding would be pebble pilferers to keep their hands off.

The campaign is the brainchild of Rossall Beach Residents and Community Group who are concerned by an increasing trend of people ‘borrowing’ parts of the beach for rockeries and other garden features.

The community group look after the northern stretch of pebble beach at Cleveleys and have enlisted the help of the children to produce a short video clip.

The pupils demonstrated on camera using buckets of water, how waves maintain their energy and can bounce high into the air when they hit a wall, compared to how their energy is dissipated when reaching the porous beach.

Pupils at Manor Beach have been involved in the scheme

Pupils at Manor Beach have been involved in the scheme

Jane Littlewood, chairman of the charity, explains “A high beach is one of the best forms of sea defence that there is.

“It’s not a question of being small minded and worrying about a few pebbles.

“If everyone who visited this popular spot filled their car boot to the point that the axle was ready for breaking there would just be no pebbles left here and a lot of homes could be put at risk.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy the beach.”