Villagers get say on home plans

Neighbourhood Plan launched at Warton village hall.  Sarah-Jane Taylor with Coun Julie Brickles.
Neighbourhood Plan launched at Warton village hall. Sarah-Jane Taylor with Coun Julie Brickles.
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Hundreds of concerned villagers turned out to a public meeting to have their say on the future of development in Warton.

The village could potentially see 1,200 new homes built there in the coming years and its parish council is producing a neighbourhood plan to recommend the ways infrastructure can be improved in order to mitigate the huge level of development.

Campaigners in the village have previously said while they are not opposed to development, the scale proposed is a concern.

The plan was launched at Warton Village Hall and saw more than 300 people turn up to have their say.

Among them was Sylvia Bennett, 67, from Beech Avenue, who has lived in the village since 1963.

She said: “I’m reluctant to lose our green land.

“It’s the time of year when there’s all of the changes in the spring, if you live here and it’s all houses you’re not going to get that.

“We should allow a certain number of houses to go ahead, I’m quite happy with that, but not the vast number that they’re trying to get up there.”

Suggestions such as improvements to roads, sewage systems and provision for new schools could form part of the plan.

Among the ideas placed on a suggestion board in the village hall were more trees, play areas, open space and green fields, more things for children to do and an old people’s homes.

David Parkinson, 69, from Lytham Road, has lived in Warton for 47 years, and believes there will need to be improvements to roads and transport in the village to cope with demand.

He said: “It’s just ridiculous because it takes you long enough to get across the main road as it is.”

His views were shared by John Nichol, 83, also from Lytham Road, has lived in the village since 1930.

He said: “There’s too much being proposed and everybody’s got to come in and out on the A584.”

Sally Wright, from campaign group Warton Residents Against Poor Planning, was also in attendance.

She said: “Residents want to keep Warton a village.

“We will look at which areas of the village we could put developments but development on this scale is unsustainable and people don’t want that.

“What was good was families suggesting there needs to be more amenities and services for children and the elderly, but we need that for the population that’s already here.”