Village anger at homes bid

Little Eccleston
Little Eccleston
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Worried residents are hoping to block plans for 25 new homes over fears the development could increase the size of their village by close to a quarter.

Little Eccleston Parish Council, as well as close to 30 residents, have objected to plans by the Duerden Brothers to build properties on Sunnydale Nurseries in Garstang Road.

Concerns have been raised about an increase in size of the village by up to 25 per cent, as well as worries about traffic, the impact on power supplies and how the development would change the look of the area.

But council planners have recommended the scheme should be approved subject to certain planning conditions.

Victoria Elvy, clerk to Little Eccleston Parish Council said councillors should reject the plans.

She added: “The proposed development represents an enlargement of approximately 25 per cent to the existing hamlet of Little Eccleston.

“This is an unacceptable and disproportionate increase.”

Residents said if the homes were built, the development would put an increased demand on services in the area.

But Fylde Council planning officer Matthew Taylor said the scheme should be approved.

He said: “The scheme would not result in the loss of the borough’s best and most versatile agricultural land and there are no other landscape designations to restrict its development for housing.

“The proposal, by virtue of the size, scale, density and number of dwellings proposed, and its relationship to the urban fringe of the village, would not have any significant adverse effects on landscape character or quality, and appropriate mitigation can be introduced as part of the scheme in order to minimise its impact in this regard.”

A planning statement by Paul Walton Associates on behalf of the Duerden Brothers added: “The scale of development and its context in relation to its location is considered acceptable and while there would be some visual impact it is not considered that there would be sufficient harm to significantly and demonstrably outweigh the many benefits.”

The planning meeting is to be heard at Fylde Town Hall in St Annes on Wednesday from 10am.