VIDEO: Watch as crowd of elves pour into Thornton petrol station for annual prank

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Can how elves can you fit inside a small petrol station shop?

Well now, thanks to dozens of pranksters on their annual Christmas pub crawl - or 'CPC' - we finally know.

Cameras at the Woodlands patrol station, in Fleetwood Road North, Thornton, caught the moment a crowd of revellers burst inside - showing a complete disregard for, err, 'elf and safety'.

What starts off with just one joker chanting CPC soon becomes a friendly flashmob, leaving the shopkeeper stunned last night.

"Everybody down," somebody can be heard shouting, before the elves start leaping in the air.

Then, as quickly as they appeared, the crowd disperses into the night, a forecourt camera shows.

Footage of last night's good-natured stunt, which is becoming bigger and bigger every year, has now been posted online, much to the delight of Facebook users.

Leanne Porter said: "Just shown my kids, told them the elves come alive at night and get up to mischief, now they really believe."

And Laura Jinks added: "I love watching these every year, although I'm pretty sure the group gets bigger every year."