VIDEO: Reaction to the demolition of Layton flats Blackpool

Residents gather to watch the demolition of Layton flats on Boothley Road, Blackpool.
Residents gather to watch the demolition of Layton flats on Boothley Road, Blackpool.
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Scores of spectators gathered to watch the demolition of the iconic Layton flats in Blackpool today.

Ahead of the demolition, Joe Diviney, from Layton, was sad to remember some of the good times he had in the high-rise buildings.

The 30-year-old said: “It’s a mental one because I used to deliver papers to each and every one of them at 13 - knackered as a kid with a big paper round.

“I’ve seen loads of commotion in the high rise. I’ve had parties, I watched a guy be hung out of one by his legs, and yet, they’re all memories.

“And they’re blowing them up and we will never see them again.

“From a Blackpool boy, this is massive, and this is quite emotional because I like those flats. I’m sad to see them go.”

The flats came straight down within about 20 seconds, leaving thousands of spectators with mixed feelings.

Phil Harrison, 49, from Blackpool, said the speed at which they fell to the ground was ‘eerie’.

He said: “One minute it’s all there, and within 19 seconds, three buildings disappeared.

“It was very eerie how quiet it was falling to the ground... crazy.”

Neil Fisher, 48, from Blackpool, added: “All you can see now is a massive pile of rubble behind everything.”

Carolyn Jones, from Blackpool, was pleased to see them go after owning a business near to the flats for 15 years.

Carolyn, of Discount Wallpaper, Devonshire Road, said: “They have been something we have seen every day.

“But we are quite pleased that they’ve gone because they were getting to be an eyesore really.

“They were getting to be quite run down.

“So we are quite glad that they are all down and that there will be new properties built.”