VIDEO: 'Lunatic' driver speeds through football match in Blackpool park

Boundary Park. Picture from Google maps
Boundary Park. Picture from Google maps
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A 'lunatic' driver was caught on camera speeding through a Blackpool park in the middle of a football match.

The Blackpool Elite FC and Highlands team were in playing in Boundary Park, off Pilling Crescent, at noon yesterday when the black Nissan Nevara drove onto the grass.

Blackpool Elite manager Glynn Shorrock, who caught the shocking incident on camera, said: "I could hear a car picking up speed, and the next thing I know he comes flying down the embankment.

"It looked like he was headed straight for our pitch. I got my phone out trying to get his registration.

"He came speeding towards us and at the last minute turned right, bringing the grass up, and went between the two pitches.

"He wasn't doing five or 10MPH, he was doing a good speed.

"He could have wiped somebody out. There are kids that come to watch our team play, and there are dog walkers there, and he just came flying down like a lunatic."

Mr Shorrock said the car had come into the park from Argosy Avenue, and drove off in the direction of Pilling Crescent.

The driver was described as a white male, with black hair, wearing a black T-shirt.

A Blackpool Council spokesman said they were aware of the incident and had reported it to the police.

She said: "It's despicable behaviour and completely unacceptable."