VIDEO: Driver hunted after car ploughs into shop

A shopkeeper and his daughter had a narrow escape after a 4x4 vehicle being chased by police came within inches of ploughing into their premises.

The Hyundai Tuscon ended up on the wall outside the Pricewise shop in Hawes Side Lane, Marton after coming through the junction with Watson Road facing the shop at full speed and clipping a passing car.

Car on shop wall at Hawes Side Lane, Blackpool

Car on shop wall at Hawes Side Lane, Blackpool

The 4x4 turned 180 degrees and as its rear end hit the shop wall, its rear offside wheel was dislodged in the impact and shattered the reinforced glass in the lower part of the shop door.

The driver then fled the scene.

The incident happened shortly before 11am on Thursday and shopkeeper Pervaiz Akhter said: “I am just so grateful there were no customers in the shop at the time.

“The last one had left just a couple of minutes beforehand and if it had been a few hours earlier, the shop would have been packed.”

Car on shop wall; at Hawes Side Lane, Blackpool

Car on shop wall; at Hawes Side Lane, Blackpool

Mr Akhter, 55, who had run the shop for 13 years, was behind the counter with his 32-year-old daughter Amina at the time of the crash.

He added: “We have had a few incidents on the road outside the shop over the years but never anything as dramatic as this.

“The dislodged wheel ended up in the shop doorway but I am just glad we have the reinforced glass which reduced the impact and prevented the damage been worse.”

Police were examining CCTV footage of the crash as the Hyundai was removed from the scene.

A Lancashire Police spokesman confirmed that the vehicle was being pursued at the time of the incident and that the driver, believed to be a man, then made off from the scene.

“An investigation is underway and inquiries on-going,” added the spokesman.