Victim set up to be robbed

Naomi Bonner
Naomi Bonner
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A WOMAN ‘set up’ a robbery by passing on information about a man with learning difficulties she had been out socialising with.

When Naomi Bonner and the male returned to a flat on Sherbourne Road, Blackpool, he was attacked by two men who rifled through his pockets and took a ring from his finger.

The victim was pinned to a bed, his shirt lifted up and his side scraped. He was so frightened by the crime that he ended up escaping from a first floor window, Preston Crown Court heard.

Bonner, 31, of no fixed address, had pleaded guilty to robbery. The offence arose at the end of March.

She was given 34 months in jail for the robbery offence, plus another 28 days on top for breaching a suspended sentence.

Paul Brookwell, prosecuting, said the man was an alcoholic and had learning difficulties. He had been out and went on to meet Bonner on Dickson Road.

She asked if he would like to go to her flat on Sherbourne Road.

They went out to a nightclub and after leaving, the man withdrew £100 cash. They went back to her address and went inside.

Mr Brookwell told the court: “He was pushed from behind. He fell onto a bed. Two men then attacked him.

“One said they were going to kill him. They said they had a knife.”

He was left frightened and alone in the room. Bonner had previous convictions, though none for robbery.

Defence barrister Mr Paul Humphries said she did not want to give details about the other men because she was frightened.

He added: “This wasn’t a question of a vulnerable man being targeted and taken back to the address to be robbed. It was only back at the house that any plan was hatched. She didn’t play any active part and was not party to the violence.”

Judge Stuart Baker said the two conditions of the victim would have probably rendered him more susceptible to being robbed.

He also told Bonner “It was you that, in effect, set up this robbery by providing information that led to others doing what they did. You have to bear your share of the responsibility for that”.