Vicar tells burglars who stole wife’s gems ‘you are forgiven’

Theft victims: The Rev David Brown and his wife Hanna
Theft victims: The Rev David Brown and his wife Hanna
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A vicar has forgiven the thieves who stole £15,000 of his wife’s jewellery by saying he hopes it does the burglars some good.

The Rev David Brown who is taking up a new appointment as the Anglican chaplain in

Warsaw, Poland, at the start of next month said: “It’s a very sad end to our time here. But we are being very philosophical about it – it’s only possessions and we’re not too bothered about that.”

The thieves’ haul from the Scorton vicarage included items with great sentimental value to his wife Hanna, a Garstang dentist.

It included gold ear-rings, bracelets and pendants, crosses gold coins dating from the 1900s and a distinctive old pre-revolution Russian brooch with diamonds and sapphires in a flower design.

The Rev Brown said: “It’s the emotional side of it all. They were all things that belonged to her mother, grandmother and family, and that’s always the difficult thing. They are irreplaceable in that way.”

But he added: “We’ve got each other and a wonderful family, and I’ve the best wife in the world and the best job in the world.

“So you can’t really get upset about unimportant things.”

He added that both he and his wife had ensured previous traumas in their lives and this put the theft in perspective.

And he hoped the jewellery would do some good to whoever had taken it.

He said that in preparation for the move his wife had collected her jewellery together and put it in a supermarket bag with an elastic band round the top and this had been placed in a washstand cupboard.

When she had returned to their house, she saw the elastic band on the bed and looked in the cupboard to find the jewellery gone.

Meanwhile, the couple are looking forward to the Rev Brown’s leaving service, which has now been moved from Barnacre Church to a bigger venue, St Peter’s at Scorton.

He said that everyone who wished to attend the service a week on Sunday, September 21, at 11 am, would be most welcome, adding: “It’s to say thank you to everybody for all the love they’ve given us.

“We’ve got a jazz band and orchestra, and there will be Champagne and wine.

“It is our way of saying thank you to everybody.”

Hanna plans to commute to fulfil her contract until March next year.

The Rev Brown added: “Scorton has been a very safe village to live in. It is sad there are people around who will break in to houses. If it makes people suspicious of outsiders that’s the saddest thing I think.”