Vibrations blamed for houses damage

Caroline Gordon inspects cracks that are appearing throughout her house.
Caroline Gordon inspects cracks that are appearing throughout her house.
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A fleet of lorries making deliveries to stores in South Shore are being blamed for damage to nearby houses.

Residents of St Bede’s Avenue, which is used for access to the Iceland store on Waterloo Road and Tesco on Lytham Road, say they have had enough of the constant vibration caused by the waiting 
lorries – and two even claim the vehicles are causing cracks to their homes.

Caroline Gordon, 65, said: “Sometimes there are six 
lorries coming up our street a day, and they are gigantic 

“I have cracks in the walls all over my house, and even though I’ve had them covered up, they’re now reappearing.

“I’ve seen lorries mount the pavements to get past the cars parked along the road, and now that’s damaging the pavement. The whole thing is really upsetting.”

Mrs Gordon said she had consulted a surveyor, who said there was no reason for the cracks on her walls.

“It’s definitely not subsidence,” she added.

Linda Betts, 66, said her house vibrated as drivers parked their lorries outside it and left their engines running. She said: “It’s having an effect certainly on our street.

“Some days there are as many as seven articulated lorries down our road, but most days it’s four. It’s only a narrow street and its ridiculous how these large vehicles come up and down here.”

Tim Arrowsmith has been living on St Bede’s Avenue for 24 years, and said the issue was a long-standing one.

Mr Arrowsmith, 51, said: “I have cracks in my ceiling from these lorries coming past all the time. Sometimes you see them queuing up to make their deliveries.”

St Bede’s Avenue carries a weight restriction imposed by Blackpool Council, but it does allow large good vehicles through for access.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We always want to be a good neighbour and take on board the concerns raised by the community.

“While the restrictions in place on St Bede’s Avenue don’t apply to our deliveries, as agreed with the local council, we will continue to monitor the situation and review our current delivery plan to see if there are any improvements we can make.”

A spokeswoman for Iceland said: “We were unaware deliveries to our store were causing an inconvenience to local residents. Now this has been brought to our attention we can work with our third party logistics provider to ensure the noise and disruption is minimised.”

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