Vet treated own dog after vicious attack

Bramble's bite marks
Bramble's bite marks
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A vet had to treat her own beloved Border Terrier after it was viciously attacked by a larger dog.

Vets4Pets Warbreck surgeon Caroline Ross was horrified when her four-year-old dog Bramble was left bruised and bleeding when she was bitten on the chest by an American Bulldog while being walked near her home on Friday.

Vet Caroline Ross and Bramble

Vet Caroline Ross and Bramble

Caroline, who lives in Cleveleys, said: “My partner had her out on the lead for a walk and there was a lady out with two big, white American Bulldogs on a lead. When the lady bent down to pick up some dog mess, they broke free from her and ran up to Bramble. One of them greeted her in a friendly way, but the other one went for her.

“My partner is luckily quite tall and managed to pull her up out of harm’s way.

Bramble’s luck didn’t run out there, as Caroline’s 20 years of veterinary experience meant she was quickly able to treat the shaken dog.

The mum-of-two said: “I saw her straight away and looked at her injuries. She wasn’t seriously hurt but it was quite a shock to have to treat my own dog.

“She was bleeding and bruised. She had a bite mark on her chest and a big mark on her tummy where a tooth had been dragged down her body.”

Caroline has now spoken about the importance of keeping unpredictable dogs not only on a lead, but muzzled in order to prevent similar incidents happening to other dogs.

She said: “It’s shocking to think how it could have ended so much worse for Bramble. She often goes for walks with my two children and they wouldn’t have been able to pull her away.

“I’m not saying that people shouldn’t have big dogs, but if they know their dog is unpredictable they should be muzzled and on a lead.”

She added that Bramble was making a good recovery - and that she would be back at ‘work’ as a mascot at Vets4Pets Warbreck on Holyoake Avenue soon.

She said: “Bramble is very popular at the practice and we have had lots of lovely messages on Facebook wishing her to get well soon.”

What should you do if your dog is attacked?

Caroline said: “Always see a vet if your dog is attacked, especially if it’s a long-haired dog because you might not be able to see exactly where the injuries are or how serious they are.

“I’ve seen a lot of damage and bad injuries over the years. A few months ago we had an elderly Yorkshire Terrier that had been badly bitten and needed weeks of treatment. He is terrified of other dogs now.

“Always tell your local dog warden if your dog is attacked. Even if it was a random attack in the park you should report it in case it fits an existing pattern.”