‘Vandals will not wreck our spirit’

Memorial Park, Fleetwood
Memorial Park, Fleetwood
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Community campaigners left distraught after vandals trashed newly planted flower beds at a Fylde coast park 
today vowed not to be beaten by the yobs.

Around 140 irises were pulled up from the main avenue and thrown around Fleetwood’s Memorial Park.

The incident has been 
reported to the police and CCTV is being checked in a bid to catch the culprits.

Michelle Hargreaves, Friends of Fleetwood Memorial Park spokeswoman, said: “The flowers damaged are part of the replanting 

“It’s terrible. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall – I can’t understand the mentality of why they would do that.

“The irony is, we are trying to make the park a nice place for everyone and inspire 
people to respect it.

“But a minority are spoiling it. It’s a constant battle.

“I think they should teach in schools about where the money comes from to create pleasant environments like the park.”

Coun Vivien Taylor, cabinet member with responsibility for parks at Wyre Council, said: “This kind of mindless act of vandalism is so disappointing for the whole community and goes against everything that Memorial Park stands for. We are trying to revitalise the park and it is very frustrating that the restoration work being undertaken has been so carelessly undone.

“Having said that, we will not allow the actions of a minority to spoil a project that has such strong support from the majority and thankfully we were able to replant the flowers straight away.

“If anyone knows who is responsible please get in touch.”

All the plants were recovered and have been