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A man went on late-night wrecking sprees causing almost £20,000 of damage to cars on 50 occasions.

Muhammad Kimberley used his keys to scratch vehicles around his home area in Blackpool after he turned from being teetotal to drinking alcohol.

He often damaged a car more than once, including a Peugeot belonging to a mother who was on the heart transplant list, as was her son.

Kimberley, 21, of Woolman Road, South Shore, pleaded guilty to seven offences of damaging a vehicle and asked for 42 other offences of car damage to be considered.

He was bailed for pre-sentence reports and will be sentenced at a later date by Blackpool magistrates.

Jim Mowbray, prosecuting, said: “This is a rather strange case. The defendant, who has no previous convictions, has gone on a spree of damaging vehicles with a key in the vicinity of where he lives, for no apparent reason. It was serious and wanton damage.”

Kimberley had committed the offences between May and September this year. He told police he had started drinking and damaged the vehicles when he walked home late at night.

Some people had their cars damaged more than once. One, a mother who was on the heart transplant list as was her son, said in a statement she had to miss two hospital appointments because of the attack.

She added she had also suffered heart palpitations, stress and sleeplessness and her son now slept with the light on.

Sarah McIntyre, defending, said: “He says he is sorry for his action and it will not happen again. He says he won’t be drinking again. He is to start an English and maths course and is going on a 30 weeks voluntary work placement on a farm.”