UPDATE: Corn snake thought to be loose in Cleveleys is found

Viola the corn snake
Viola the corn snake
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A 5-ft long pet snake that disappeared from its vivarium has been found safe and well.

Viola the four-year-old corn snake went missing yesterday when it is believed she slipped out of a loose vent in her vivarium while her owners, Mikey and Emma Harris, were at work.

Emma, 21, appealed online for the return of her beloved pet, as she believed she might have gotten out of their house, on Victoria Road West.

However, the couple discovered the snake hiding in their house this afternoon.

Emma said: "She came out of the bin next to the radiator. She was just sat there and came out because I went to get some nappies and disturbed her.

"She likes to go in dark, warm places so she must have crawled in there.

"We're so relieved. I was shaking when we found her. I'm so happy."