‘Unwanted’ Benji now a Terrier in demand!

Benji with animal welfare assistant Marc Cartmell
Benji with animal welfare assistant Marc Cartmell
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Could a happy home be on the horizon for the country’s most unwanted dog?

Benji the Patterdale Terrier went from Britain’s most unwanted dog to the most in-demand canine in the country in just a few days after his sad tale in The Gazette went national.

Benji spent seven years in kennels

Benji spent seven years in kennels

The 10-year-old terrier, who has spent the last seven years as a permanent resident of Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary in St Annes, has now received more than 40 offers of new homes from people all across the UK, and even overseas.

Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary owner Mandy Leigh said: “The response has just been brilliant.

“We’ve had emails from people in London, Dover, Scotland and Scarborough.

“We’ve even had people from Florida and Colorado in America offering to pay travel costs for him to live with them.”

Could cute Benji be the country's most unwanted dog?

Could cute Benji be the country's most unwanted dog?

She added that Benji’s years of waiting could finally be coming to an end as soon as next week.

She said: “We’ve narrowed down the offers to three people.

“Obviously we have to introduce Benji to them and do house checks first – but if we could get him a family before Christmas that would be fantastic.

“It we could get Benji a good home having Christmas dinner with a proper family I would just love it.

“It’s going to be hard to say goodbye after so long, but it’s what’s best for him.

“He’s a tough little so-and-so, but the sanctuary can get quite cold in winter.

“He’ll be better off in a warm home and he’ll probably live longer.”

Benji, who has diabetes and needs to be injected with insulin twice a day, was often overlooked by potential owners at the sanctuary in Queensway Park Farm because of his illness and his age.

Despite this, Miss Leigh says he is a happy, healthy dog who loves splashing in muddy puddles and ‘saying hello’ to people coming into the sanctuary.

She said: “Looking at him, you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with him.

“He loves going for walks in the woods and on the beach.

“He doesn’t let his old age slow him down at all.

“I’ve been telling him all about his new home and I think he knows something is going on because he’s getting quite excited.

“He’s ready to pack his bags and leave already!”